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A night of great music from our Fantastic acts

Enjoy great Cocktails and a selection of beers and spirits in a chilled grown up and relaxed atmosphere.
 Order and have great food delivered to your table from the menus of our neighbouring restaurants.
Havat (turkish dishes) Domino Pizza. Mexican Jacks. Mc Donalds.indian and Chinese...
 doors 7pm we chuck you out at 1am.

At IND!EGO we charge the minimum we can to cover the cost of putting on the night unlike pub venues which are financed via their brewery IND!EGO is totally independent and at IND!EGO the live acts are the attraction.Many pub audiences are not there solely to see the live and therefore the acts do not get the respect they deserve at IND!EGO its all about the music.We really are trying to support live music and will offer sets to both up and coming and established performers.

If you would like to play at IND!EGO please dont hesitate to contact us.

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